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About Phipps & Co. Textiles

Phipps has extensive and formidable expertise in all aspects of fabrics and their applications.

We work closely with our customers in the development of new and innovative products.

Our aim is to offer fit for purpose, quality products at competitive prices.

Our Key Strengths

Global Sourcing

Established manufacturing facilities throughout the world.



We support our customers with large UK stockholdings in our Northampton warehouse.

Time Efficiency

The order process and stock management are tailored to the needs of our customers through our bespoke IT system.

Extensive Product Range

In addition to our substantial range of high quality materials, we are happy to work on the development of bespoke products and projects. Many include advanced processes such as laminating and adhesive coating.

The Phipps range of accessory products allows us to offer the added benefit of accommodating all requirements.

Cut & Sew

For those occasions when orders or other factors outweigh or affect capacity, Phipps has the ability and extensive experience to supply a full or part cut and sew service. Shorter lead times are more suited to our long established Eastern European facility whilst longer lead times allow the greater financial benefits of our Vietnamese production.

You can be assured of absolute confidentiality during this process.

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